This term, I am teaching “Chaos!” (Math 53), an upper-level course on discrete and continuous dynamical systems.  Course webpage.


Previous courses taught at Dartmouth College:

  • Probability (Math 20):
  • Differential Calculus (Math 2):
    • Mean Value Theorem, optimization, related rates, Riemann sums, integration, basic differential equations, solids of revolution.
    • Course webpage.

I led drop-in tutorial sessions for various calculus courses at Dartmouth and for several years as an undergraduate at Kenyon College.

Other teaching:

  • Sonia Kovalevsky Day of Mathematics
    • An annual mathematically-filled day for local middle school and high school female students and their teachers (started and funded by AWM).
    • Led sessions on “Uncovering Patterns in Mobius Strip Slicing,” and “The Three-Friends, Three-Strangers Problem” (Ramsey theory), “Many Folds, One Cut” (Fold and Cut Theorem).
    • Contributed to the day each year and organized the day in May 2016.
(Photo from Dartmouth News, Eli Burakian, Fall 2012)